In 1987 with a desire to undertake the challenges of the construction business… the foundation for what would become Urban Ridge Builders was laid.

The 1st project on Arlington Street began an initiation process and proved to be an invaluable experience. Making use of contacts from previous ventures, the task of planning and rebuilding an aging semi-detached 2-story dwelling began. Working day/night throughout the Spring/Summer of 1987 the apprenticeship took shape and a new career was born. Beginning with a simple renovation and severance project and graduating into the realm of maximizing multi-unit development potential, new opportunities were realized with different challenges along the way.

Using foresight, imagination and design elements from various sources and seeking input from architects and designers to stay in tune with demand, Urban Ridge Builders has continually blended varied thoughts and delivered style and taste somewhat unique yet with the warmth and comfort that suits the many aspects desired to deliver value on completion.

After 23 years of developing and managing real estate, the challenges remain ever-present, however well guided by 50+ deals and that experience is now focused is on upscale and more unique in-fill projects across the City of Ottawa and it’s rural boundaries.